Alpha Scaffold Design 

Each and every scaffold is different from one another because no site is the same. Every client has his or her own requirements that need to be focused on. At Alpha Scaffold Design proper calculations are carried out by our experts using structural engineering software or in-house developed software. The drawings are then made with the help of designing software, usually after a visits to the site or based on information provided by the client in order to ensure no detail had been missed or ignored. Before its finalization, the drawing and calculations are checked whether it serves the purpose rightfully so.

We make no cuts on the standards of our work, but rather strive and work hard to maintain and improve them with every order.

Our scaffold engineers have a keen eye for every aspect and detail of designing a scaffold. There is really nothing that they miss. Our professional team visits the site, absorbs in everything that matters and returns, only to produce beyond satisfactory results. Our designs are one hundred percent safe.

If you are looking for solid, fool proof scaffold designs for your construction or renovation work, then Alpha Scaffold Design are perfect for you. We have been proudly rendering our services of scaffold design in London by conforming to the Health and Safety regulations, and ensuring that you get strength and durability and safety all in one.

Alpha Scaffold Design  provides what promises. We have been providing scaffold design in London for quite a time now. A lot of effort is poured into the design of each individual scaffold in order to ensure that it perfectly meets the needs of the client. This is not an easy task, but we take great pride in delivering guaranteed products to our customers.

At Alpha Scaffold Design , our work completely conforms to the Health and Safety regulations.

Getting some renovation work done? Installing a new roof, or perhaps constructing a new building from the scratch? Construction is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of hard work and sweat, but above all, construction has very severe and strict rules and regulations that you need to adhere to at all costs.

Scaffolding is one of the most important and crucial aspects of any construction project. There is no space for error in scaffolding and one can definitely not afford it. Hence, you need applicable and fool proof scaffolding designs for your construction project to see it through its completion. Alpha Scaffold Design  offers you the privilege of securing concrete scaffold design in London. These designs are drawn and finalized after a thorough, detailed inspection of your project, determining your needs and requirements.


Whether you are in need to have a complex or insignificant scaffold design, we are here to fulfil your
any scaffolding design needs. Such services provide you with know-how and add the next level of
protection to your project. We are proud to provide high-quality, Scaffold Design consultancy.


Professional Service

Being practitioners of engineering, we are the ones who invent, design, analyse and define even the most demanding and complex scaffolding structures to fulfil objectives and requirements while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulations, safety, and cost.


We Deliver Quality

We always meet or exceed customer expectations whilst remaining economically competitive by: - using state-of-the-art software - ongoing support - direct link with the most experienced designer


Always on Time

Nowadays "time is money" so we understand that any delay due to slow communication or change in circumstances is crucial so we can react suddenly to unexpected site conditions and revise designs promptly. We are always on our feet to deliver always on time.