Scaffolding design and calculations 

We provide complex scaffolding design and calculations, consisting structural analysis and explicit diagrams for individual elements and overall stability if applicable.

Scaffolding design and calculations - Frame analysis

We Provide Bespoke Scaffolding Design Consisting Precise Calculations!

Our scaffolding design consideration includes:

  • Basis of Design document covering uniformly Concentrated Load, Distributed Load, Accidental load, Point load
  • Details of certain International/ National Code of Scaffolding Practice to be followed for design
  • Basic Design document of the customer like scaffold procedure or standard
  • Environmental data from the located site of scaffold
  • Type of Framework/Scaffold Materials
  • Technical Details, Requirements and Specification of each Component including load, slip, compression, strut, distortion value of each component
  • The details of physical dimension, weight, load test certificate, etc.
  • Number of people and some other dead load on the Scaffold platform
  • Couplers and boards arrangement.
  • Details of access and ladders.
  • Details of drawing.
  • Details of equipment and the duration.
  • Calculation of total loading.
  • Consideration of environmental impact.

We Are Experienced In Providing You Exact Scaffolding Design And Calculations In London!

Why Choose Us For Scaffolding Design and Calculations?
Our experts have extensive product knowledge of Tube and Coupler scaffold design. We aim to provide you our exceptional team of expert scaffolding engineers so they can deliver you detailed Scaffolding Designs and Calculations. Our experts visit the site to provide our valued customers a comprehensive service of the site review, proposals and survey.
On the other side, by delivering you clear instruction, drawings and the contractual requirements, we provide you a complete report about your project. So, come to us right away to get accurate information and exceptional services of experts at affordable rates.