Scaffold Design Check as erected.

 A Scaffold Design Check

 may be required in situations when scaffolding is erected by scaffolders that are not well trained, trainee scaffolders or simply by personnel that aren’t competent to do such jobs, therefore, the scaffold may not be safe for use and can be a major hazard for people nearby;

In this case we can help by providing an adequate solution in order to rectify the incorrect erected scaffolding even if requested by HSE.

In most cases, when HSE is getting involved due to a scaffold erected improperly, a Scaffold Design Check as erected is required. A site survey (site visit) is mandatory for the assessment of the erected scaffold in order to provide a suitable solution.

Bad practice Temporary Roof scaffold

Most scaffolding designers would suggest that scaffold to be dismantled and re-erected implying a significant additional cost, however we believe that there is always a solution to rectify the incorrect erected scaffolding, fact that can reduce the additional costs, accordingly.

Having many years of background experience in scaffolding sector, our experts can always come with a fast and efficient solution; 

After a site survey is carried out, normally within 24h from the quote acceptance, a scaffold drawing with full calculations is issues, highlighting the remedial works to be carried out.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for a competitive fixed quote.

Bad practice bridged scaffold

Temporary Roof scaffold

is the most common type of scaffolding erected improperly that may require professional attention; Alpha Scaffold Design can assist with any scaffolding engineering and Health & Safety related issues.

When we undertake a project, if additional information or clarifications are requested either by you or by an HSE representative dealing with the case, we are always available to assist right away so there are no delays due to a slow communication process.

You can always rely on our prompt and professional service.


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