Temporary Roof design drawings

Temporary Roof scaffold is one of the most used scaffold structures when comes to repairing or changing of a structure’s roofing; It is widely used in United Kingdom due to its capability to provide a water tight working environment, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Temporary Roof scaffold requires a scaffold design consisting drawings and calculations in order to provide a safe working environment for the operatives on the scaffolding and to nearby public.

There are few important factors to take into consideration when designing Temporary Roof scaffolds: self-weight, imposed loading, service loading, wind loads, snow loads and sometimes mechanical loading; In some cases, Temporary Roofs are free standing scaffolds (no ties can be installed), therefore special consideration should be given to its overall strength and stability; To achieve the above requirements, a scaffold design drawing is mandatory.

Temporary Roof design

involves many aspects, one of the most important is wind loading that is the main cause of many Temporary Roofs scaffold collapse; This is why a proper site survey is required to asses the location, site orientation, nearby buildings, and to observe if there is any possibility of wind funneling in order to be able to produce a realistic scaffold model using structural analysis software and after that to find the most efficient scaffold design configuration to avoid overdesign situations.

Temporary Roof drawing

can be issued only after scaffolding calculations are satisfactory, proving that scaffolding can provide overall strength and stability.

At Alpha Scaffold Design, a special attention is given to these aspects and at the same time we do our best not to overdesign scaffolds, this can be achieved only from our extensive background experience in the scaffolding sector.

Efficient Temporary Roof design drawing can enable our clients to save time and materials therefore to provide a competitive price and to achieve better profits.

We at Alpha Scaffold Design, strive to improve our services constantly by adopting new and efficient design techniques and recommending to our clients the latest scaffolding products and materials that can achieve a better design performance.

If you need a sleek aesthetic Temporary Roof design drawing and at the same time to be safe and efficient do not hesitate to contact Alpha Scaffold Design.



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